Essential Oils Made Easy + The Joy of Sharing Oils

Here is a Essential Oils Made Easy + The Joy of Sharing Oils class recorded Monday May 11th. I hope you enjoy it!

Essential Oils Made Easy (beginning – 42 mins) will teach you:

  • Three cool things about oils
  • Three ways to use oils
  • Three ways to buy oils

The Joy of Sharing Oils (starts at 43 mins ) will teach you:

  • Why the doTERRA business is an amazing way to help people and create residual income
  • Why the MLM model words so well for doTERRA
  • How to know if this could be a good business for you.

If you have more question about how to choose the best oils for you, email me your top three health goals (better sleep, lowered anxiety, reducing physical pain).

Already using the oils and want to try teaching your own class? Please feel free to copy me! My mission is to help womxn thrive. Here is the slide deck I used for this class.

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