Deepen Your Oil Knowledge

Yes, we sometimes need medication, I posted this slightly radical quote to encourage us to use lifestyle habits, nutrition and rituals as preventative care. Essential oils, supplements and removing toxic synthetic chemicals from your home is a huge part of this.


doTERRA’s oil certification for those who want to dive in deeper. Great knowledge and a very reasonable price. 

My personally compiled resource list of multiple studies to send to skeptics. bit.ly/essentialoilstudies (so it’s easy to remember!)

Prefer video?  http://essential-practice.com/ and click on “Essential Ed” to see dozens of videos of Elena teaching her oil rituals and research. 

The doTERRA science blog has great tips!  https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/science-research-news

Book: Smart Mom’s Guide to Essential oils by Dr. Mariza Synder and her podcast Essentially You

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