Menstrual Cycle awareness with Stella Artuso

What comes to mind when you think PERIODS? Power? Intuition? Shame? Pain?

Before meeting Stella, my period was an inconvenience that caused blood stained sheets and abdominal pain. After participating in her five-week Blood Magic course – a weekly gathering where we learned how to embrace the four phases of our cycle, practiced yoga, breathing and meditation – my cycle became a source of knowledge.

The most powerful learning from me is that each phase of the cycle requires different action, and if I respect that action, I’m more creative, more in harmony with life and happier.

Here’s a little summary. But, don’t simply read this and move on, I urge you to work with Stella. She will be offering her Blood Magic series online this summer, and has an amazing instagram account: @stellar_yoga

Inner Winter: Starts on Day 1 of your period, and goes until you stop bleeding (approx 6 days). This is the time to NOT schedule extroverted tasks or high intensity exercise. Move slowly. Journal. Restorative yoga. If you take the time to rest now, your inner summer (ovulation phase) will be more powerful.

Inner Spring: Right after your period, (approximately 6 days), energy starts to go up, and you may want to over schedule yourself. Don’t! Instead, plant seeds, play with ideas, visualize what you want to create.

Inner Summer: Ovulation time! Approximately 5 days when we feel our most attractive, energetic, alive and creative. A great time to network, do presentations, meet with friends. Don’t get overly attached to this phase. Everything comes to an end.

Inner Fall: Pre-menstrual time. Approximately 10 days. Also known as the luteal phase. A really good time to complete tasks. At the beginning of this phase, you have a lot of energy, and towards the end of it, it will diminish. Allow yourself to follow how you feel.

This is a very simplified description. I have tracked my cycle with the myflo app for years, and now I’m starting to journal and keep track of each day analogue style. This keeps me more connected to my body, energy and intuition. I’m so excited to keep deepening this awarness. Living in a cyclical way is very normal and natural. Our patriarchal capitalist society that focuses on linear growth is not normal or natural. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Stella. 🙂

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