Magnolias and Mother’s Day

In Montreal, Magnolias are starting to bloom on Mother’s Day, the second Sunday in May. Energetically, Magnolias embody compassion. It connects people with the energy of the divine matriarch. It invites us to remember we are interconnected, and we can all live in harmony. Magnolia reminds us that all humans share similar desires, needs and pain.

Magnolia blooms fade almost as quickly as they open. As humans, our compassion for each other’s humanity can be just as fleeting. In a milesecond I can launch from compassionate understanding to blame and making someone else “less-than” as a way to protect my own ego. Hot dry weather will make magnolia petals drop, just as a fiery temper and wound up nervous system will dissolve compassion.

In this season, Magnolias remind us not to withhold compassion from anyone today. From the mothers loving their motherhood, to the mothers struggling through it. From the mothers who chose their role, to the ones who were forced into it. The people who adore their mothers to those who have a complicated relationship with them. Those grieving loss, learning forgiveness, practicing self-love, and letting go of perfection. Magnolias are here to remind us all to see the divine beauty within each soul.

I apply magnolia essential oil on to my face and massage it into my skin with my fingers. Pressing gently. Treating my face with the care I would use to hold a magnolia blossom. Self-love. Self-compassion. Universal-love. Universal compassion.

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