Receiving free oils with LRP

This is an ideal monthly program for anyone with an doTERRA membership who wants to replace toxic household and bodycare items with doTERRA essential oils, and save money while doing it. Start at 10% back in points, and work your way up to 30% back in points with only a 50PV (about $60CAD) monthly order. 

It took me a while to completely understand LRP. I will keep including this LRP section because our brain learns by repeition, and you WANT to get this. You save the most money using LRP. 


YES it is a monthly autoship. (Which is totally optional)

YES, there is a minimum order to maintain it: $8.50 for the Citrus Bliss hand lotion or the On Guard Hand Sanitizer is my usual suggestion. 

YES you receive hundreds of dollars worth of free oils every year or even every month. 

Yes, you many points which accumulate to get you free oils. 

Watch this video I made on LRP. And this one I made on Using your AR balance, and ordering from the US Warehouse or the Canadian Warehouse. 

Still have questions?

👉Q: Is it required when I get a wholesale membership to order monthly?
A: Nope, just fun perks if you decide to opt into the LRP.

👉Q: Can I OPT IN at any point?
A: YEP! It’s a FREE for any wholesale customer or wellness advocate. AND you can cancel at any moment by calling 1 800 411 8151, for FREE!

👉Q: Do I need to order the same thing each month?
A: Nope! You have complete control to pick what oils/products you want shipped out. You can select when it ships, what ships and where it ships.

👉Q: What Rewards do you get?
A: Anytime you order 50PV through your LRP you will get a percentage back of your order. Depending on how long you have been ordering you will get anywhere between 10%-30% back on your order.

The first three months of ordering 50PV, you get 10% back.

– Months 4 – 6, you get 15% (7.5 points monthly)

– Months 7 – 9 you get 20% back in points (so 10 points monthly)

– Months 10 – 12 you get 25% back in points (12.5 points)

Months 13 until infinity you get 30% back in points (so 15 points on every 50 PV order!!)

1 point = 1 USD

You also get your shipping back in product points.

👉Q: Do I get FREE oils?
A: Yes. When you order 125pv by the 15th of the month you will automatically get our free oil of the month. Some months (like this one!) when you order 200pv you will get additional oils for free as well.

👉Q: What are Product Points?
A: Think of it like “dōTERRA Cash” whatever an oil/product costs, you redeem a percentage of points.  Your points always show up on the 15th of the following month.

👉Q: I just started using the LRP, when will my points show up?
A: 60 days after you have been active in the Loyalty Rewards program.

👉Q: Can I buy oils with my PV points?

A: Yes, but those products won’t count towards your month’s LRP PV. For instance, if you want 150PV worth of oils, and use points to pay for 120PV worth, that means that you have only placed a 30PV order (150-120 = 30) and you will not be meeting the minimum 50PV to have percentage increase. 

👉Q: What is my AR balance? And can I buy oils with it?

A: AR represents actually money (whoohoo!) so lets say you do that same 150PV order, and you pay with the $120 in your AR balance, it still counts as a 150PV order because you were paying with money, not with points. 

👉Q: Anything else I should know?

A: There is a $3 charge every time you place an LRP order, so I would accumulate a lot of points and do one big order rather than receive 1-2 things for free each month. 

👉Q: I want to know more, and actually see how it’s done.

A: Watch this video I made on LRP. And this one I made on Using your AR balance!

This program is the one program that truly rewards you for deciding to live a healthier lifestyle. 🙌 Every month I order 200pv (PV point value) I get 72 points back (30% plus my 2 day shipping) that’s $72 back….seriously SO incredible!!

What I tell my newbies, try the LRP for 3 months, then you will know what is LRPers know 😉

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