You Sensitivity is Your Superpower with Brittany Byars

Brittany Byars (@essentialwellness.with.brit on IG) explains how to thrive as an HSP in this 30 minute interview.

In Japan, thoughtfulness, and the ability to detect what others are feeling, is an important quality that allows Japanese to live in densely populated areas in harmony. Being too asserted is resented, and keeping a respectful distance, is celebrated.

In North America, where we have a vast amount of space, and a history based on violently taking land from Indiginous People, and breaking away from the UK and France, someone who practices the same thoughtfulness may be viewed in a negative light as shy or afraid. Parents rarely brag about how shy or sensitive their child is, and may boast how their daughter says hello to everyone on the street.

Twenty percent of the global population has a nervous system which allows the person to take in much more information than their peers, also known as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). A person with this gift in Japan, would be celebrated as a leader for their heightened empathy and ability to create harmony. The same person in western society might be viewed as fearful, lacking confidence, or even not trustworthy.

If we look beyond our cultural conditioning, we can redefine what is a “strength” and a “weakness.” If you are on the sensitive side, that might be your greatest superpower. Why not learn about this superpower to you can use it to uplift the whole. Not because you have to, but because you can.

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