Everything you Need to Grow your doTERRA business (and yourself)

These FREE resources teach you how to invite people to buy oils or build their business in a way that is authentic and intelligent. Never salesy or pushy. 

  1. Deb Erickson: Yes her site looks cheesy, but don’t be fooled. She is a powerful healer giving us all the energetic tools to expand our awareness and RISE. Here is her YouTube page full of free support, plus here is her website. I suggest you buy her “I Can Sell and Recruit” course. Yes, the name turned me off too (it still does) but inside that course are the most unexpected energetic practices that have shifted how I communicate with everyone in my life, including my husband!
  2. Essential Rituals – Business YouTube Playlist with all our zoom call recordings
  3. Dailymentorcalls.com (A daily audio thats 5-30 mins that teaches you this whole business in 50 days)
  4. Workbook to go with audios: www.allysesedivy.com/retreat-workbook
  5. Back to Basics Private YouTube playlist created by me. Always updating it. Subscribe.
  6. Essential-Practice.com – Make a FREE account (it takes three days to be approved). Click on START HERE, then scroll down to watch the Lifestyle Overview (AKA Wellness Consult) which explains how to use your account. Then click “Business Overview” which is Elena teaching the compensation plan. Then ALL your mindset training is in “Office Hours” or “Momentum” and ALL your oil education is in “Essential Education”. Explore that site.
  7. Christine’s Two-Part Video on Building to Premier posted in the announcement below. Good language and tips on how to organize your time and attitude!
    Part 1

    Part 2
  8. Jenniferkruidbos.com The Blog. I am consistently updating the blog with useful videos and articles to help you RISE.

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