The Unexpected Ways Living in El Salvador Grew Me

We are starting to pack up the El Salvador home. In two weeks we will fly back to Quebec and live in the Laurentians. I don’t know what the next chapter holds. I do know I am changed. My business changed. My life changed. Here are the top ways this chapter of travel and living in the tropics helped both my doTERRA and Movement businesses evolve.

  1. Grew Online

When doTERRA found me, I had been dreaming and praying of growing a profitable online businesses that improved people’s lives. I craved the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. I had been in Montreal for too many winters and felt stuck and uninspired. However, with a great health oriented community in Montreal, I grew effectively in person teaching classes. I did not do the vulnerable, difficult work of learning how to onboard doTERRA clients online because I didn’t truly have to. Then, I moved to El Salvador.  A country that doTERRA does not deliver to, and most people don’t know me. My schedule was wide open, and I did not know anyone, so it forced me to take action on things I had previously not done:

  • Clearly, consistently and boldly share information about the benefits of doTERRA essential oils online, how to enrol, and how to build a business.

  • Create a clear step by step course on how to build the business for my team

  • Outsource image design, and sample making/mailing so I more time to focus on income producing activities.

  • Consistenly reach out to people online, mail them samples and have video one on one’s.

  • Meet people from other parts of the world, and continue a relationship on IG or FB.

I know I would have not done these things had I still been living in Montreal, because my habit of teaching weekly classes was working, and I would have not been brave enough to change it.

2. Attracted Customers and Builders who are a Better Match

Again, my dream customer and builder is comfortable with technology (meaning they have a mindset where they are willing to learn how to use it, rather than decide it’s too hard and avoid it). My ideal customers also are adventurous and interested in travel. If I wanted to reach people, I HAD to do it online, or by going on organized excursions (which was fun for me!). Living here, I enrolled a slightly lower than average amount of people (2-4 per month) but they are a better match to me.

3. Forced me to Outsource

I love giving gifts, I dislike spending hours making packages and going to the post office. I love beautiful images, I dislike spending hours choosing fonts, moving text around. Both of these activities drain my energy and make me sad.

In Montreal, I was doing them, because I was stuck in a habit of doing everything my myself (though it was already changing – I had hired a book-keeper, because I truly cannot stand book-keeping.) In El Salvador, I could not mail packages. It would cost me hundreds of dollars per package. So being here forced me to set up the most brilliant system: If someone is interested in oils, I collect their info, mailing address, send it to my assistant in Montreal, who has all the oils and supplies, she makes the package, and mails it. Similarly, being here, and not teaching weekly yoga classes, I had more mental space to creatively problem solve, and could FINALLY hear my husband’s suggestion to higher someone on UpWork. So I now, I simply keep a google doc of what I want my images to have, and he makes them in record speed. It has freed up so much creative energy, AND I can serve my market better with very clear recipes and ways to use oils.

4. Developed a deeper trust/ confidence in my own cycles and seasons.

I was DONE with teaching weekly yoga classes. It did not inspire me or significantly grow my business. However, it was safe and secure. Moving to El Salvador, forced me to outsource those classes. This helped me reach two amazing goals: a) Since 2012 I had dreamed of creating a business where I could pay yoga teachers who LOVE teaching $70-$80 per classes (above the Montreal average of $30-$50 per class) AND b) it truly showed me that the woman in me who taught weekly classes is dead, and now my new offering will be something else (monthly workshops, weekend retreats?) I don’t know exactly, but I am comfortable to not know, and explore. This is new for me! Moving to El Salvador helped me develop the trust in myself the cycles and seasons of my business. I have a deeper understanding of my cycles input and output, as well as evolving and plateauing (this is a whole other blog post!)

5. Completed Online courses, for the first time in my Life

I have bought many online courses in the past. I could not get through them. There were too many distractions. Too much noise in my head. Being here in El Salvador with an open schedule, and the ocean nearby to calm my mind, and nature making me feel calm and clear, I have actually almost completed two whole online courses that gave me massive insights and growth. My commitment to these courses trickled down to my team, and they also experienced growth and insights.

6. I Made or Deepened Relationships with People from All Over the World who are a MATCH to me

I did way more movements classes at home, because I had no other options. Most of the yoga classes in El Salvador feel like Canadian yoga from the 90s. So I got more curious about online classes, and as a result, joined the @thesalty.club team (more on that coming soon.) I met people from Norway, from Las Vegas, from other parts of the world, who I would have not met otherwise. These connections make me feel inspired and creative, and that is the juice that keeps me in action and happy. From a life and business perspective, this was a way I got to grow my network with people I would have never met if I had stayed in my routine in Montreal.

Of course I knew I would love living in El Salvador. Love the beach, the sun, the heat, food and adventure. I could have never have predicted the growth and gifts in my business and the maturity and wisdom I developed being here.

This is why Jack Kornfield says “Follow your bliss”. I was getting advice from one of my coaches with a house in the suburbs, a business with employees one kid and one on the way. She was telling me not to go to El Salvador because it would slow down my growth. That advice made sense for her life. Her life is hell to me, but great for her. Similarly, she probably would not want to live my life. Our ideas of success are different.

This is why it is so profoundly important to follow that little spark that makes you happy. I am SO inspired by my life, that my energy is through the roof and feel excited to sit down to work because I FEEL the abundant, fulfilling life I’m creating with every hour I work on my business. If I had spent another dreary winter in Montreal, I probably would have wanted to quit.

The bliss is the hint about where to go. The nudge to move towards the gifts you could not possibly mentally imagine from far away.