My business as my activism

I have powerful healing tools in my hands. The oils. A system that can lift people out of debt. A community that can help humans feel supported and connected. 

Today I’m sharing 1) my wellbeing practices, and 2) my anti-racist practices.

Sometimes people ask me: Jen, you’re a wellbeing person and a doTERRA leader, why are you sharing political things? 

Helping to stop systemic oppression is part of wellbeing. The whole reason I started my doTERRA business was because it was a way I could create time, energy and resources I need to help myself and others. 

Self-care practices and anti-racist practices go together. One cannot happen effectively without the other. There is so much tension right now, which is a good thing. Tension brings change. 

And, in order to use this tension to create change, we all need practices that help stress leave the body, so we can take action from a Feel the tension, release, and then take action from a clear, centered, intentional space. (Intentional means choosing to shape the feeling or energy of the experience. For example: my intention for this newsletter is Care. Self-care and collective care. So I’m not going to use angry language, traumatic imagery, because that would not align with my intention.)

An example of self-care and collective care: 

I see a video with violence. This brings up tremendous emotion. 

First the self-care practice: I deeply inhale some essential oils. I journal. I cry. I do @theclass. I take a shower.

Then, from a calm, centered space, I choose how I can learn a thing, and then do a thing that elevates collective care. 

This morning it was to watch the Rachel Cargle address to the nation video. Then, I called a couple black friends to see how they are doing. Then, I set up a $50USD monthly donation to Black Lives Matter Toronto

It can look different for you. It can be shorter. The general rule is: Self-care, learn a thing, do a thing. Repeat daily.

Now, a special note to people building doTERRA or thinking about building: I have the space to process my emotions, offer money, and my time to dismantle oppressive systems because I have chosen daily for 4.5 years to lead myself and lead my doTERRA business. 

There is no separation between my business and my activism. 

I can pour mentoring time and energy into white people AND POC. I can use the fortune I am building with doTERRA to create more beauty, and ease in my life AND to donate more to people doing the grassroots activist work. 

I can use time freedom to relax AND use it to learn about systemic oppression. 

And so can you. If you have one instagram follower or one person in your business, you are a leader already. 

I lean into the uncomfortable space of building my doTERRA business everyday. If I am not meeting fear and resistance, I am not growing. This is my growth edge.

I am still learning. I am making mistakes. I am doing it awkwardly. Mechanically sometimes. I am opening myself to criticism. Often.

The ROI on taking useful action that might truly help (or save!) a human’s life is worth the risk of receiving a mean comment or email. The stakes are so incredibly low for me (and many of the people reading this), that it’s almost laughable to call it an actual risk. 

For the limbic brain, it feels like death, so it’s my responsibility (and yours) to do the practices that calm the limbic brain so I can take action that uplifts the collective.

I know a lot of you will put pressure on yourself and use “I’m not doing enough” as a reason to hate yourself. 


Beating yourself up will freeze the nervous system. It will put on blinders so you will be unable to see creative solutions. 

Gentle gentle. 

Hand on your heart “I am doing great. I love and accept myself.” 

Then, one more small action. Gentle, uncomfortable and consistent. 

Self-care. Learn a thing. Do a thing. Repeat.

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