Sharing oils in yoga class!

Hi doTERRA builders!

I had a great corporate class with a new group yesterday. They all got a deep blue neck massage to start ( i ask permission) and they received a little vial of Balance and Siberian fir (diluted) and the class had a tree theme.

I guided them to smell the oil, or rub it on their feet in the final meditation before savasana.

At the end 4 students came up wanting info to order deep blue and the oils. I gave them my card with my website and took down their names. I mentioned that the membership is best, and that I would send them the info on how to order today, and that I could come back and teach an oils class if they life!

This is the email that I just send to them: Please feel free to copy the language, blog post, all of it!

Hello yogis!

It was wonderful connecting with you yesterday!

Some of you expressed interest in wanting to buy a mat. I have light, good quality, non-toxic microbial mats for $20. If you want one, please let me know what colour today! (They have almost every colour you can imagine).

For those of you interested in the Deep Blue rub or other essential oils, the best thing to do is to create a customer account online which gives you 25% off the oils, AND I become your oil mentor (access to me and my educational resources to help you learn the oil life.) Learn how to order here.

If you want to learn more before ordering, I can come another day and teach an essential oils workshop. There, you can order whatever you want, on the spot. Please reply and let me know if this interests you! It would be limited to 6 people.

See you all next week! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!