Legs for DAYS (building confidence)

Did you know that all top leaders in doTERRA share a common trait: Confidence.

Did you know confidence can be taught?

Do you know the difference between confidence and magical thinking? Magical thinking is sitting at home doing affirmations and not taking action. Confidence is built by doing those affirmations, then taking action, and building experience.

Confidence has legs. It’s a belief built up by concrete life examples as to why I will achieve a certain goal.

The cool thing is that the confidence I build in myself, the easier it is to take action, get restults, and build more confidence. It’s an upward spiral.

Of course, this is all taught to me by Deb Erickson’s ICAN Institute, and she gave me a homework assignment of writing out 20 reasons why I will reach my next goal (Platinum in November).

Think of a table with one or two legs. It falls down. Think of a table with 20 legs. Super solid.

Here we go:

  1. I have enrolled over 200 people in the last couple years. I can enroll 200 more.

  2. I am committed to the mindset work: Deb 2-3 hours per week.

  3. I have proven that everywhere I go, I grow my network

  4. I have amazing leaders on my team who are moving beyond fear and getting amazing results

  5. I have amazing uplines who inspire me

  6. Chris supports my doTERRA journey

  7. MLMs are becoming cool!

  8. Essential Oils are already mainstream!

  9. I have planted seeds for years, and now people really know I can educate them using oils and they come to me.

  10. I have set up amazing systems to take care of my customers, and they are just getting better. My customers have a positive experience and share with more people.

  11. I meditate daily and get myself into a calm and magnetic state

  12. I have committed to two classes per month minimum and it almost always becomes 3-4

  13. I have a positive relationship with technology (ask google, rest, come back with fresh eyes and caffeine, then ask Chris)

  14. I nourish my body with movement, rest, and fun. I nourish my mind with positive self-talk and friends who support my goals

  15. I care less and less about the opinions of acquaintances

  16. I develop more and more love and passion for doTERRA’s mission and my mission

  17. I am willing to do what it takes

  18. I created the space in my life to succeed achieve my goal

  19. doTERRA is a numbers game and I give out samples weekly

  20. I create amazing events that leave participants feeling grateful

  21. I have a powerful WHY (to make humans feel connected and supported by their internal and external resources)