Buh-Bye Anxiety Blend Recipe for Adults and Children

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It’s proven that healing, and joy happens when we relax (studies linked :bit.ly/essentialoilstudies.

Specifically, when we shift from the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) to the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) we feel better. 


SNS helps us: 

– Fight, flight, freeze

– Focus & work, 

PNS helps us: 

– Rest, and digest, 

– Activate the cell and organ clean up crew

– Observant open perspective (moment of EUREKA! happen in this rested state)

– Different from sleep 

Most of us spend too much time in SNS, and can find it hard to get into the PNS state (where healing, insight & joy happen). 

Enter my favourite, quickest and effective tool: Essential oils. 

No, they will NOT replace:

– deep sleep, 

– being in a supportive community / relationship that brings out your best

– taking responsibility for living with more health and happiness.


They help create the internal state that moves the needle towards more vibrant health, wealth and joy. Promise.

BALANCE: Smells like a forest
Spruce Needle
Ho Wood

Blue Tansy

Blue Chamomile 

SERENITY: Smells like Lavender with a woody tangy twist


Sweet Marjoram

Roman Chamomile

Ylang Ylang

Hawaiian Sandalwood


RECIPE: Adults

– 5ml rollerball (buy from @myessentialbusiness in Canada or @shareoils in the US

– 5 drops Balance

– 5 drops Serenity

– top with Fractionated coconut oil (FCO) (from @doterra or healthfood store (do NOT buy oils from a healthfood store that you plan to put on or in your body, carrier oils are okay)

RECIPE: Babes 0 – 2

– 10ml rollerball

– 1 drop Balance

– 1 drop Serenity

– top w/ FCO


1) Roll on bottoms of feet and/or back of neck first thing in morning and/or last thing before bed

2) Roll in palms, cup over face and deeply inhale 3-4 times 3-4 times / daily

3) Have a loved one roll along spine ( + massage = bonus!)

Share the love! Write to me how you manage your anxiety, and cc a friend who you think will benefit (who is not yet on the doTERRA lifestyle train) and you both will receive this blend with a love note, in the mail from me.  <3

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