90 days to FREEDOM – Action and Accountability to your next rank

In your mind, you understand the power of this business. The freedom you can create for yourself and your family. You want that high rank: Diamond, Blue and Even Presidential.


You seem to be taking the action, but things are not moving as quickly as you would have liked.

You hit road blocks and don’t know where to go.

You are dragging your feet because you are unsure of the next step.

You see other leaders build with ease, but you are scared as hell to give classes, call up contacts and enrol people.

You want to breakthrough the fear, but the fear wins.

Fear of what other people will think of you.

Fear of not having enough time for your family, and other passions.

Fear of not having the language or the knowledge to give a good class and not look like a fool.

Your lack of progress + fear = AVOIDANCE CENTRAL.

Certain stories that let you stay in avoidance start to become really appealing.

Stories such as…

“Everyone is busy in the summer”

“It’s just too hot.”

“I want to play and enjoy each day, I’ll buckle down in the fall”


I get it.

Those thoughts come up in my mind too.


But here’s the thing.


Summer is the best time to teach classes because it’s hot and people are happy to leave their homes and socialize.

People are less busy, not more busy in the summer, which means more time to learn about oils.

You CAN play and enjoy each day. You just have to be smart with your time.


In fact, if this work doesn’t feel like play, then something is not right.

If this work isn’t giving you MORE freedom, then you are committed to being bogged down.


Done right, this business lets you live your purpose in each moment and get paid more than you have before.


You just have to take the proper action steps and work your mindset daily.


That’s why I created this 90 day program. I got accepted into my mentor’s 90 day training, worth $3500 on a free scholarship. As my way to show gratitude to the universe and give back, I am channeling everything I learn into this program for 15 people for FREE.


At the moment, there are 7 spots left. If this 90 day transformation is for you, apply by filling out this form.


From day one in this business, I have had a unique ability to attract amazing builders.

For years, I could not figure out how I was doing it. I watched my contemporaries struggle to find builders, while I would consistently enrol a couple every month.

When I knew I wanted to launch this program, I distilled exactly what I was doing so I could teach it.

THEN this past April (3 months ago) I started working with my mentor, and my online presence transformed.


Friends from no where were asking me about oils.

Builders who had done nothing for years started coming to my classes and telling me how much I inspire them.

People started RSVPing to newsletters.

One mother daughter told me last week that their treat to themselves would be to drive 2.5 hours so they could attend my oils class at the end of July.

I am beside myself and I want this for all of you.

doTERRA and mentorship has brought me so much. Freedom. Confidence. Over $3000 NET consistently every month.

A BELIEF in myself that by next year I’ll be earning six figures and by age 40 (4.5 years from now) I’l be earning 7 seven figures.

And believe it or not, it is not the money that drives me. The profound love I have developed for my doTERRA community and the big vision of this company moves me to tears, and I want everyone to have the tools to live a life anchored in purpose, freedom, delight and huge impact.


So what does it look like exactly?

1) DAILY HABITS – by tweaking what you do each day, even for 20 mins, will create huge shifts.

2) CHANGE HAPPENS IN COMMUNITY – Whether in a recovery group or mastermind, I see time and time again

3) MINDSET SUPPORT – This is a huge piece of the puzzle

4) STRATEGIC ACTION – I LOVE strategy. It can make or break the results of your action.

5) COACHING AND FEEDBACK – We cannot see our own blindspots. Getting lost in our head can lead to analysis paralysis. Feedback is key.

6) CONTENT SUPPORT – Did you know that changing 4 words will mean the difference of a dozen people or zero people in a class? Content that comes from your heart and touches the heart of others is what 2018 is all about. Learn how to do that.


There will be workshops where we all actually DO THE THINGS together and check in with each other when we can say DONE!


This is the only time I will run this program for free, because it’s my first one. Going forward, I will charge at least $700.


Take advantage, and lets grow together this summer.





Fill out the survey, then I will either add you to the private facebook group to indicate you are IN, OR email you for a quick call if we need to clarify some things.