✌️ Hey There!​

I’m Jennifer Kruidbos. I’m thrilled that our paths have crossed. Let’s discover why that might be….


Okay, so where do I start?

I’m passionate about questioning and disrupting the status quo, and looking at where we can uplevel, especially regarding health, wealth, love and business.


I was raised with service front and center. My father was a social worker (more about what he taught me later), helping addicts recover through counseling, and my mum also worked in endocrinology research (the study of hormones) studying how addicts get into recovery from a more medical perspective (a shared passion!). I learned from a young age, that with the right tools and support, people can transform their lives. So what better to use my life than expanding in health and wealth and joy daily, and teaching others to do the same?

I’m a Canadian GOLD doTERRA essential oils Wellness Advocate, and a movement and meditation teacher leading a beautiful tribe of almost 3000 growth-oriented people globally.


​Amplify your health and vitality.

With the information and tools that can amplify your health and vitality. Today, more than any other time in history, you can take in and share the knowledge that will help you, and your community uplevel in all ways.

This is both exciting and overwhelming. Amidst the distractions, I’m here to guide you back to clear, fulfilling an action. You are more capable than you realize to meet your goals, live in joy, and make a positive impact on the lives of the people around you.

But wait,before I continue sharing my story, tell me about yourself.

Over the last 10 years


 I have put in well over 10 000 hours of health coaching (starting with myself) and developing a deeper understanding of what truly shifts people to commit to a vibrant, successful, supernatural lifestyle. 

My interest in learning how people can create more health, wealth and joy began when I was a little girl.


My father, a recovering addict himself dedicated his life to helping people become free from addiction. He would sometimes bring me along to a talk he was giving, at a rehab centre to show how healthy commitments could lead to much joy, including a family. He would also give recovering addicts odd jobs around our house, to help get them going in their new sober life. 

I remember seeing these very sad, addicted people, and wanting to help them so badly to feel happy. 

Then, when I was just 17 years old, my father died suddenly of lung cancer. (He hadn’t smoked the whole time I have been alive).

When people ask me where my strong conviction to serve, and take  bold responsibility for my health and community comes from, I assume they haven’t yet experienced the darkness that exists when we lose hope, and feel completely alone. 

I do understand what that’s like. And it drives me.

It took me a little while to fully commit to that drive. I did the academia and corporate ladder climbing thing in my 20s. 

I am grateful for what those years at work and grad-school taught me, however, they were not for me. I felt empty, and like my impact was limited by the institutions and ivory towers.

Like you, I knew I was made for more. I could not be in a system where my decisions were controlled by an advisor, a boss or a controlled work schedule. 

I left my job, and started teaching my heart out in 2012. I taught yoga, fitness, and meditation anywhere at any time. I would drive hours to teach or learn with the best teachers. 

Even though most my family and friends didn’t understand what I was doing (some were very supportive), I followed my heart, my curiosity and my excitement.

I chose my next step based on what made me feel like there was a fountain of champagne bubbling up in my chest.

Listening to what your body tells you. It will always lead you to the right place


With amazing people &  a shared vision




Amazing people came out of the woodwork who shared a vision with me. They helped me open a yoga studio, grow an office yoga business, and launch my doTERRA business.


Relationships are everything, and I would not be here, living this life that seemed like a dream only a few years ago, if it were not for the brave leaders that surround me.



The truth is that I’m in awe most of the time, simply taking it all in with tremendous gratitude, and showing up to work daily (that’s probably the key to everything.

Is any of this resonating with you?


Do you have a longing to leave the 9-5? Or maybe you are already an entrepreneur, and crave more freedom?

Did you know 95% of people need guidance to get to that next level?

Or perhaps work is fulfilling, but you want to feel more vibrant and in your body?

I am constantly learning from my teachers, then sharing in my own unique way. I have built an abundant business by completely being myself and attracting the people who specifically resonate with me, and blessing those who don’t (often sending them to some of the other amazing light-workers I know.)

Each day I learn, study and observe, then share what I know. 

Sometimes I share via a retreat, or workshop, with movement, and meditation. 

Mostly, these days, I’m teaching through video, ebooks, audio and written blogs. (Helps me connect with people when life does not permit us to meet in person… for now! I hope we can hug and/or happy dance together one day!)

One of my top health tools is doTERRA essential oils

 I will share many tips on how to incorporate these oils into your life, because they were the pieces that were missing for me. 

Want to learn how to get started incorporating essential oils into your daily life?