Unshakeable confidence for those with more feminine energy


This week I started a training with the ICAN Institute. The insights are enlivening all the cells in my body. Here is one of the major insights I took away: In the direct sales business, it’s 80% women, but the top 20% of earners are men. I see similar organizations of earning power in yoga, the arts, politics, and society in general. Why is this? There are many complex reasons, and this is one factor I had never heard before. It seemed like all the podcasts and articles I was reading this week clarified:

Those with more feminine energy crave connection and fear abandonment. Those with more masculine energy crave freedom and fear loss of freedom

In addition, a study (I’ll find the source) demonstrated that when given a test, all the participants who scored a 7 on 10 were interviewed on their results. Interestingly, the women who scored a 7 thought they had gotten a 5 and the men who had scored a 7 thought they had gotten a 10. So in general, the women had an internalized sense of lower compentency compared to the men.

Add a sense of inadequacy with a fear of abandonment (rejection), and the result is women either not reaching out to potential partners at all, or reaching out to those with perceived lesser skills to reduce the potential for rejection. Whereas men, with an inflated sense of confidence, and little fear around rejection, would reach out to many more people, and experience greater success, since more endeavours boil down to practice and numbers.

More insights in the video.


If you have more feminine energy, I hope this video helps you see that fear or resistance that may come up when making new connections is more about biology and society than it is about reality.

Love beams!



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