The number one question from new doTERRA customers

How do I change my LRP order?

I have explained to a new doTERRA customer how to change their LRP order over 3 dozen times, so I finally made a video which I have sent you so I don’t have to explain it ever again.

In case you don’t watch the vide. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Put in your ID and password
  3. Realize you have no idea where your ID and password are, so you email me looking for it.
  4. I give it to you.
  5. Write it down somewhere that you won’t forget it.
  6. No really, write it down. I only give out passwords once. Either make a google doc you can access from anywhere or a note in your smartphone, or in your most precious notebook, or tattooed on your arm.
  7. Login
  8. If it’s your first time, you will be prompted to Create an LRP. Create one by clicking on the purple button that says “Create LRP”.


9. If it’s your second time logging in, you edit your LRP by clicking the number under the word “Edit”click-the-button-that-says-edit


10. Once you are in your shopping cart, either change the date (long arrow)  or add or delete items (short arrow):




11. Never cancel your LRP or you will lose your points. If you absolutely want to cancel, make sure you spend your points first, then call 1 (800) – 411 – 8151


And finally, here is a summary in video format.