Step by Step guide for new builders

Welcome new new builder! This post is to keep you in the positive flow of momentum. You will find here all the resources I have used to grow to the rank of silver.

  1. Free training by Jessie Reimers:  Jessie is a huge inspiration to me. Her emphasis on community and support keeps me motivated and engaged. I also love that she looks 13 and has a no nonsense attitude. These four 20 minute videos made a huge difference in my business.
  2. How to place people by Jessie Reimers: I found this 16 months into my business. I WISH someone had shown this to me right when I got started. It really aligns with my values of community:
  3. Tapping videos via Brad Yates via Jessie Reimers (ya she is a huge influence of mine these days if you haven’t noticed – this is all about helping you stay motivated and in a positive mindset:
  4. Accessories to buy: Run, don’t walk and buy these to kickstart your business at 1/4 drams (sample bottles), mister bottles, the book Emotions and Essential Oils,  carrying case, and tear pads)
  5. My 10 minute video on setting up your LRP
  6. Share Success! There are amazing resources in here to help you rank advance!


That’s all for now! Enjoy!