Road to Diamond Club: Begin

Next week I’ll start something that scares me and excites me.

A few years ago, I was researching doTERRA and kept hearing about this thing called Diamond Club where people travel all over the country sharing their love of oils and community and educating people.

Today, I have been accepted and next week I will start that journey.


I’m afraid for a few reasons:

  1. It takes a lot of planning and coordination which I’m not great at
  2. I’m going to be even more open about putting my time and energy into doTERRA and I fear some people judge me
  3. I anticipate being tired

I know that fear and excitement go together. So I add breath to these reasons and find the reasons I’m excited:

  1. I’m going to be forced to not continue my own BS of being disorganized
  2. I’ll get even better at not concerning myself with what other people think of me
  3. I’ll put even more systems in place to keep my energy humming evenly


Basically, Diamond Club is a 4 month period where doTERRA reimburses part of my travel expenses as I visit the amazing people in my team and co-create classes. In order to stay in Diamond Club, I need to maintain 18 enrolments per month. That means I need to simply meet 18 people per month who want to enroll somewhere in my organization. They don’t need to be my personal enrolments.


I love this because I get to really show up for my team. I get to travel around, which the sagitarius in me loves. More details in the video.


Is anything coming up for you, in doTERRA or elsewhere in your life that is making you excited and scared at the same time? What do you use to support you when you step up and into anything that scares you?