May I be soft and free

Off the heels of a weekend filled with passion and community, I feel cracked open and empty. A cathartic release where people had to express emotion. Unfortunately, that emotion sometimes comes out as cutting remarks, criticism, name-calling and hate. A response to feeling unseen, unheard and disrespected can be shouting and writing disrespectful messages. Okay. The anger has to come out.

Moving forward, all I can do is take better care of my community. Show up fist and foremost for myself. Take care of my sleep, my movement, my nutrition, and my soul with creative time and prayer. Next, my home. Keep shri, order, care. Next my family, blood and soul family. Extend kindness and acceptance towards them. Empathy. See them. Even if their views make upset. Understand they are operating from a certain context and paradigm.

Stand strong in myself. Express my truth clearly, and without falling into name calling or unleashing anger through cutting written remarks. Stay steady in my own truth of kindness and care. When I lose my temper, know that it is a cover because my heart is breaking. Tenderly take care of my own heart with self care and soul care. Then return to the conversation and relationships with steadiness and clarity and elegance.

Don’t try to convince. Inspire though care, connection to soul, integrity, study and self-mastery.

Stay connected to my teachers.

Stay connected to mother earth. Stay connected to my friends and brothers and sisters who have less than I do.

Practice gratitude for what I do have. Let that gratitude turn into care and kindness towards the people around me. Let the gratitude and self-empathy bolster a habit of sharing what is absolutely true for me, and here lies my freedom.