I love network marketing

I’m looking for passionate people who are interested in empowering themselves through self-care, connecting with an inspired community, helping others and freeing themselves financially.

My enthusiastic and beautiful business family of over 50 are an international team that is sharing what we’re passionate about while helping others rise and realise their potential.

I am not in the business of selling.

I’m in the business of personal growth, community and leadership.

I feel incredibly blessed to stand behind an impeccable company with a rich culture, excellent training, world-class product and generous compensation plan.

My life as a yoga teacher specializing in office yoga, and yoga for grief has lead me to meet hundreds of people who want to make a significant change in their physical, emotional, and financial health. These outstanding oils, community and training makes me confident that putting a little attention on doTERRA each week can help you make a significant positive change, sincerely.

I’m actively calling into my life people who feel inspired to join our wonderful team – regardless of where you live (the internet blows my mind all the time!).

Network Marketing is the only business model out there that involves very small risk, very little investment, zero experience or skills (you learn while you earn around here!) and one in which the average person can, with an inspired and determined heart, become a millionaire. And that’s what I love about this – it throws us on all the same field where we get to play on the same team. Forget about the feared ‘Pyramid Scheme’ (pyramid schemes are actually illegal and don’t involve a product) – network marketing is a business model which relies on relationships and mentorship and has been praised in Forbes and Businessweek. The model is even taught in business school. For me, it is the business model which grants me the most abundance, location freedom, fastest learning and opportunities daily to step into what scares me and meet new people.

doTERRA’s compensation plan is one of the top in the industry. I am about to reach silver and going for Diamond in the next 24 months. I would love to take you with me.


Network Marketing is providing a pathway for people all over the world to realise the limitlessness of abundance available to them, no matter who or where they are. In the last 19 months I have seen my income increase and increase while I put in the same amount of work each week (5 – 15 hours on average). I often pinch myself.

If joining my TEAM sounds delicious to you, reach out so I can share more with you: