DōTERRA Essential Oils:
A New Frontier in Self-Care

Nature is amazing.

Essential oils contain volatile aromatic compounds – which is a fancy way of saying: tiny molecules that serve a variety of protective, reproductive and regenerative purposes.

Intuitively, we know natural remedies help us heal. We know drinking hot water with lemon and ginger in the morning is effective in kickstarting metabolism and assisting the detoxification process of the liver.

Most of us have heard that lavender can help calm our nervous system.
But you may not have heard that:

  • Applying rosemary oil topically can help reduce cellulite and fluid retention.
  • Ylang ylang is an aphrodisiac (oh yes!).
  • There are empirically researched studies which show Frankincense is effective as complementary care in cancer treatment.

It makes sense when you look at nature.

Plants don’t have bricks and mortar to protect them from environmental threats, they, instead, rely on these aromatic compounds which ward off pests, attract friendly herbivores and heal the plant from injury and infection. These compounds exist in the plant’s petals, leaves, bark, resin and/ or rind and play a crucial role in its longevity and resilience.

It’s easy to see why extracting these compounds and bringing them into our lives can benefit us in a similar way that it does to the plant.
I’ve chosen to align myself with dōTERRA essential oils – both professionally and enthusiastically as a consumer – because of their purity, and social impact first.

Rather than being synthetic, or food grade, or solely therapeutic, the oils I stand behind are of the highest quality therapeutic grade. Every single gallon of oil goes through a testing process of organoleptic testing, gastro spectrometry, infrared testing, heavy metal testing, chirality testing and more. Using the sourcetoyou.com site, you can track where the bottle in each 15ml bottle is from. Pretty wild!

In addition, soil quality, climate and community are all taken into account to produce the best quality oils available. The impact on the region and planet are taken into account as well. When a plant is becoming over-picked, it will not be available for months or even years, until it can be grown sustainably again.

Personally, these oils have given me:

  • Decreased stress
  • Clearer skin
  • More energy
  • Improved focus
  • A better night’s sleep
  • A sense of comfort knowing I can turn to essential oils first

Oils have absolutely changed my life. They help me to relax when I need to, and they’re literally in my life all day long, whether I’m diffusing beside my bed, or sipping them in my water, or applying Frankincense to my face after a shower or rubbing Peppermint on my tummy when I’m traveling in Central America and I feel a little wonky.

There’s so much more to share with you. If you’d to jumpstart your essential oil lifestyle, I’d love to chat with you.

Love, Jen K

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One: Use this link to purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish. I always suggest people use the oils for a few months so if they ever do decide to build a business, it comes from an authentic place.

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Two: You may also consider building a business with doTERRA, by becoming a Wellness Advocate (so simple, you just buy a kit and you’re not locked into anything. From the first time my friend Maddie suggested I build a business (2014), it took me a whole year to even consider building a team (2015). Today, I’m glad to spend about twelve hours per week dedicated to my growing business. I am so nourished by the community and system that invites me to dream bigger daily. I’ve unlevelled my relationship to money, to effective leadership and how many people I’m able to impact positively; the result is financial freedom for myself and my community of healers, teachers, artists and activists as well as a chance to be more charitable for the causes that matter to me.

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In the homes of my friends and family, doTERRA Essential Oils provide a safe, natural alternative to synthetic products that’s better for our bodies and the environment.