My amazing new friend Nathalie Riviere said I should start posting book reviews because I am constantly reading. This isn’t so much of a review as a Love Post dedicate to my magical fairy muse Liz Gilbert. Honestly, Eat Pray Love didn’t change my life when it came out. Mostly because back then I was an English Major, and only allowed myself to read dense books by Ayn Rand and Gabriel Garcia Martez. If the book was easy to digest, then it could not be good. My general outlook was that I had to struggle through the text in order for it to be acceptable. This misery causing perspective is exactly what BIG MAGIC tackles. Not with the reader, but with the writer. Or the creator.

Basically Liz Gilbert dares us to get out of our own way, and simply create for the joy (and sometimes struggle) of the creative process. Since I started practicing yoga, this concept is much easier to digest. On the page I’m reading now, she compares a creative person to a boarder collie. If we don’t get our “walks” we’ll tear apart the couch. In other words, if we don’t create, we will destroy. Our relationships. Ourselves. Our piece of mind. We need to create, accept that most of our creations will be bad, and continue creating. Because that is the process.

Thank you Liz, for getting me back to writing finished, not perfect, blogs.